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About Us

The Insight Group is a group of companies that manage all levels of building a portfolio.

Property Insight are probably the best known and have been helping clients to build portfolios for the last eight years now. They have three main products. A totally hands free portfolio building product that takes a £75,000 investment and grows a portfolio that after six years (based on 5% per annum growth) will be five properties and £20,000 per annum of tax free releases, for life, inflation proof. Or after twelve years will be nine properties and releases of £40,000 per annum tax free, for life and inflation proof.

Owner of over 100 buy to let properties, helped his investors, clients and himself to purchase over 1000 properties and educated over 20,000 people in the last three years.


The properties are sourced, negotiation done to secure them at 18%+ discount, solicitors, mortgage brokers and purchase managed and sorted, then refurbishment completed and property tenanted and managed. It truly is hands free.

For those that want hands free but only to buy one property at a time, the company have our cash flow builder product which secures great cash flow family lets in high asset growth areas. Guaranteeing £200+ per month rental properties that meet many strict rules and criteria that mean we reject over £60 million of property every month.

Our third offering is for those that want to be hands on but know how hard it is to find properties with a genuine 15%+ discount. Guaranteeing to deliver at least 80- of these a month, Property Sourcing Made Easy is a very popular product for investors who want to do everything else themselves.

Rental Insight is a letting agent that understands the need of investors as it is run and owned by Aran and looks after his own investments. We specialise in managing family let properties (so no HMO) and know exactly what it takes to make these successful. With team across the country from Northampton to Newcastle and East Coast to West Coast we cover a very large area with expertise and refurbishment teams on the ground right across those areas.

FREE DVD and 10 FREE webinars reveal exactly what you need to do to create a successful portfolio.